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Founded in 2005, SRI Hosting, Inc. is an IT services company with proven success powering websites and building online applications.

Sri Hosting, Inc. is now Khoza Technology, Inc.

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SRI Blog: News, Notes and Tips

Remository to DOCman 2 (beta3), bugs fixed for JoomlaTools

This week our team completed a migration from Remository to DocMan, even before DocMan went to final release! Of course this is not the kind of upgrade we suggest doing lightly, but due to client priorities they decided it was worth the cost of early adoption. As we started the project, there were two minor bugs we found and fixed. We submitted the fixes back to Joomlatools, and all things bein ...

Cloud Decisions and Who To Trust

Computing has never been static and it is clear the numerous options Cloud Computing bring to the table are just starting to be understood. It is also clear there are more decisions than ever before, and we shouldn't be drunk on the cloud. There are many things the cloud doesn't do but equally it has rightly changed the way we think about scale. How do you choose? You need trusted help, and thi ...

Virtuemart 2 apply tax only when state and/or country match

UPDATE: 2012/09/17 The development team at VirtueMart just committed our patch for this problem. So the fix below works perfectly, and when you upgrade to VirtueMart 2.0.12 it will be applied for you as part of the upgrade. As we setup Virtuemart 2 for one of our clients they requested tax only be applied to customers purchasing in Idaho. The configuration in Virtuemart 2 under "Products" > ...

Virtuemart 2 Require State at Checkout

As we upgraded a Virtuemart 2 site for one of our clients, we realized the state field in the front end user editor is not required. This is especially a problem for US sites where the state field is used to choose which sales tax to apply. While attempting to save your address without a state will trigger a small popup, users found the address will still save successfully, allowing you to che ...

Virtuemart 2 Product Description Field Cut Off

While upgrading a site from VirtueMart 1.1 to VirtueMart 2, we found a handful of product descriptions cut off at about 1500 characters. Upon looking at the database schema, we realized the column had been changed from a text field to a varchar. In this case the varchar had a limited number of characters, a number large enough for most deployments, however in our case it was not optimal. Af ...